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Vendeur: mrs-archive (3.802) 100%, Lieu où se trouve: Stone, Lieu de livraison: Worldwide, Numéro de l'objet: 323410728784 Bee Keeping Books - Honey, Hives, Bees Wax Bee CultureWhy buy loads of books cluttering up your book shelves when you can have a whole library of 180 books on DvD Data disc?The books can be read by any ebook reader that supports the PDF format including PC, Mac, Laptops, Kindle, Ipad, Nook, Ipad, Kobo, Sony Reader, Android Tablet etc...The books are available because they are out if copyright.The disc will be sent to you in a strong Cardboard sleeve inside a plastic wallet. My disks carry a full guarantee. Please note the books will be sent on a printed disk as shown in the picture.Thanks for looking & Please ask me any questions whatsoeverContents of the Data Disk: 1 A bird's-eye view of bee-keeping 1866 Clarke.pdf 2 A book about bees Their history, habits, and instincts (1888) Jenyns.pdf 3 A complete guide to the mystery and management of bees (1852)Beesley.pdf 4 A description of the bar-and-frame hive (1851) MUNN.pdf 5 A dictionary of practical apiculture (1884) Phinn.pdf 6 A handbook on beekeeping in California (1960) Eckhert.pdf 7 A key to successful bee-keeping (1862) Martin.pdf 8 A manual of bee-keeping (1875) Hunter.pdf 9 A manual of the barnyard chapter on beekeeping (1858) 10 A manual or An easy method of managing bees (1837)Weeks.pdf 11 A modern bee-farm and its economic management (1887) Simmins.pdf 12 A new system of bee-keeping (1867) Adair.pdf 13 A practical treatise on the hive and honey-bee (1865) Langstroth.pdf 14 A radical cure for the swarming habit of bees (1910) Jones.pdf 15 A survey of beekeeping in California (1925) Vansell.pdf 16 A thousand answers to beekeeping questions (1917)Miller.pdf 17 A year among the bees (1891) Miller.pdf 18 Advanced bee-culture, its methods and management (1905) Hutchinson.pdf 19 Alexander's writings on practical bee culture (1910)lexander.pdf 20 American honey plants (1920) Pellet.pdf 21 Bee culture or, Successful management of the apiary (1879) Newman.pdf 22 Bee Keepers Handy book 22yrs of Queen rearing (1883) Alley 23 Bee Keeping discussion life of honeybee (1923) Phillips 24 Bee Keeping For Dummies 25 Bee-keeping The Tmes Bee Master (1864) John Cumming 26 Bee Keeping - Handbook - Clauss 27 Bee breeding in the West (1841) Afleck 28 Bee-culture (1909) Miller.pdf 29 Beehives and bee keepers' appliances (1911) Hasluck.pdf 30 Bee-keepers' supplies and instructions to beginners in bee-culture (1900) smith.pdf 31 Bee-keeping (1897) Benton.pdf 32 Bee keeping (1900) Topperwein 33 Bee-keeping by twentieth century methods (1911) Hand.pdf 34 Beekeeping Encyclopedia Of Bee Culture - open source. pdf 35 Bee-keeping for beginners (1898) Brown.pdf 36 Beekeeping for Connecticut (1918).pdf 37 Beekeeping for New Hampshire (1921) Wolf.pdf 38 Bee-keeping for profit (1914)Morley.pdf 39 Bee-keeping for profit A new system of management (1883)Cotton.pdf 40 Bee-keeping for sedentary folk, or for professional people (1908) Potter.pdf 41 Beekeeping for the beginner in California (1921) Wolf.pdf 42 Beekeeping for the fruit-grower and small rancher, or amateur (1917) Coleman.pdf 43 Beekeeping for West Virginia (1917) Reese.pdf 44 Beekeeping in Arkansas (1920) Baerg.pdf 45 Beekeeping in Kansas (1922) Merrill.pdf 46 Bee-keeping in Ontario (1908).pdf 47 Beekeeping in Tasmania (1921) Bingham.pdf 48 Beekeeping in Tennessee (1913) Bingham.pdf 49 Beekeeping in the interior of British Columbia (1922) Bingham.pdf 50 Beekeeping in the Kootenays, British Columbia (1918).pdf 51 Beekeeping in the Midwest (1976) Jaycox.pdf 52 Beekeeping in the South (1920) Hawkins.pdf 53 Bee-keeping in the West Indies (1901) Morrison.pdf 54 Bee-keeping in Victoria (1915) Beuhne.pdf 55 Bee-keeping in war-time (1918) harrod hempall.pdf 56 Beekeeping in western Canada (1986) Szabo.pdf 57 Beekeeping in Wisconsin (1916) France.pdf 58 Beekeeping practice in North Carolina (1917) Carr.pdf 59 Bee-keeping simplified for the cottager and smallholder (1915) Harrod Hempsall.pdf 60 Bees & bee-keeping Scientific & practical vol 1 (1886) Cheshire.pdf 61 Bees and Bee-keeping A Plain, Practical Work (1860) Cheshire.pdf 62 Bees and bee-keeping a plain, practical work; resulting from years of experience (1860) Harbison 63 Bees and honey or, The management of an apiary for pleasure and profit (1882) Newman.pdf 64 Bees Farmers Bulletin (1911) 65 Bees their habits, management and treatment (1893) Wood.pdf 66 Bees their natural history and general management (1844) Huish.pdf 67 Bees-wax: Its economical uses and conversion to money (1889) Dennier.pdf 68 Biggle bee book (1909) Biggle 69 British bee-keeper's guide book to the management of bees (1911) Cowan.pdf 70 British bee-keeper's practical notebook (1908) Cowan.pdf 71 British bee-keeper's practical notebook WBC hive and how to make it, a home made hive from used boxes (1904) Cowan.pdf 72 Constructive beekeeping (1918) Clark.pdf 73 Dadant system of beekeeping (1920) Dadant.pdf 74 Detection of arsenic in bees (1916) Holland 75 Dr. Chase's family physician, farrier, bee-keeper, 76 Dzierzon's rational bee-keeping (1882).pdf 77 Eddy on bee-culture (1854) Eddy.pdf 78 Elements of beekeeping (1919) Niswonger.pdf 79 Essay on bee keeping 80 Every Step in Beekeeping (1921) Douglas.pdf 81 Facts about bees (1907) Root.pdf 82 Fifty years among the bees (1911) Miller.pdf 83 First lessons in bee culture (1871) Mitchell.pdf 84 First lessons in beekeeping (1918) Dadant.pdf 85 Forty years among the bees (1903) Miller.pdf 86 Fundamentals of California beekeeping (1971) Ward.pdf 87 Guide to bee-keeping in British Columbia (1911) Todd.pdf 88 Heat production of honeybees in winter (1921) Milner.pdf 89 Hints on the history and management of the honey bee (1851) Bevan.pdf 90 How to grow queens (1920) Kelley.pdf 91 How to keep bees (1911) Miller.pdf 92 How to keep bees (1918) Miller 93 How to keep bees book for beginners (1905) Comstock 94 How to keep bees for profit (1910) Lyon 95 How to keep bees for profit (1913) Everett.pdf 96 How to produce extracted honey (1904) Phillips.pdf 97 How to produce extracted honey (1911) 2nd edition Phillips.pdf 98 Humanity to Honey-bees (1832) Nutt.pdf 99 Information about beekeeping (1955).pdf 100 Instruction in bee-keeping for the use of Irish bee-keepers (1905).pdf 101 Keep Bees for profit (1910) Lyon 102 Keeping bees for profit and pleasure (1940) Carpenter 103 Langstroth on the hive and honey bee (1889) Langstroth.pdf 104 Management of bees; care of bees in spring (1919) Jager 105 Manual of the apiary (1878) Cook 106 Modern bee-keeping (1899) Wintle 107 Modern Bee-keeping A Handbook for Cottagers (1903).pdf 108 Modern queen-rearing (1916)Pritchard.pdf 109 Mysteries of bee-keeping (1857).pdf 110 Mysteries of bee-keeping explained (1866) Quinby 111 Natural swarming of bees and how to prevent it (1915) Petit.pdf 112 New observations on the natural history of bees (1821) Huber.pdf 113 Observations on bees and wasps (1876) Lubbock 114 Our social bees (1866) Wynter 115 Package bees and how to install them (1936) Gooderham.pdf 116 Pleasurable bee-keeping (1895) Nettleship.pdf 117 Porto Rican beekeeping (1914) Phillips.pdf 118 Practical advice to beginners in bee-keeping (1916) Tinsey.pdf 119 Practical beekeeping designed for the use of the beginner and small apiarist (1907) Benton.pdf 120 Practical bee-keeping: being plain instructions to the amateur for the successful management of the honey bee (1879) Cheshire 121 Practical hints on bee culture (1874).pdf 122 Practical queen rearing (1918) Pellett.pdf 123 Producing, preparing, exhibiting, & judging bee produce (1912) Herrod.pdf 124 Productive bee-keeping (1916) Pellett.pdf 125 Profitable bee-keeping for small-holders and others (1918) Geary.pdf 126 Progressive bee culture, or Apine instincts and labors defined (1872).pdf 127 Quinby's new bee-keeping (1900) Quinby.pdf 128 Quinbys new bee keeping (1879) 129 Report on the A. & M. College apiary. (1902) Mally.pdf 130 Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied (1889).pdf 131 Sacrbood A disease of the bees (1913) Whyte 132 Spring management of bees (1920) Crandall 133 Soft candy for bees (1914) Noble 134 Starting right with bees(1922) Rowe 135 Success in bee-culture as practiced and advised (1885) Heddon.pdf 136 Texas beekeeping (1912) Scholl.pdf 137 The A B C and X Y Z of bee culture (1910)Root.pdf 138 The ABC of Bee Culture (1890) Root.pdf 139 The American bee keeper's manual (1849)Miner.pdf 140 The antient bee-master's farewell (1796) Keys.pdf 141 The apiarian_ or, A practical treatise on the management of bees (1840).pdf 142 The apiary_ or, Beses, bee-hives and bee culture (1865).pdf 143 The bacteria of the apiary - bee disease (1906) White 144 The barnyard Manual chapter on bee keeping (1866) Jaques 145 The bee-keeper's catechism (1871)Mitchell.pdf 146 The bee-keeper's companion (1911).pdf 147 The bee-keeper's directory (1861) Harbison.pdf 148 The bee-keeper's guide or Manual of the apiary (1894) Cook.pdf 149 The bee-keeper's handy book (1833) Alley.pdf 150 The bee-keeper's manual; or, Practical hints on the management and complete preservation of the honey-bee(1860) Taylor 151 The bee-keeping in Victoria, Australia (1913) Beuhne.pdf 152 The bee-master of Warrilow (1907) Tickner.pdf 153 The cottage bee keeper (1851) Filleul.pdf 154 The embryology of the honey bee (1915) Allen.pdf 155 The farmers' guide to bee keeping (1872) Johnson 156 The handy book of bees (1870) Pettigrew.pdf 157 The hive bee_ a manual of beekeeping for Hawaii (1918) Smith.pdf 158 The honey bee_ its natural history, physiology, and management (1827)Bevan.pdf 159 The honey-bee_ its nature, homes and products (1884) Harris.pdf 160 The illustrated Australasian bee manual (1911) Hopkins.pdf 161 The Italian system of bee keeping (1876) Danyell 162 The Manipulation of the wax scales of the honey bee (1912).pdf 163 The natural history of bees (1744) Bazin 164 The new bee-keepers' text-book (1878)King.pdf 165 The Pearce new method of bee keeping 3rd ed (1918) Pearce 166 The Pearce new method of bee keeping (1915).pdf 167 The practical bee-master (1756) Keys.pdf 168 The preparation of bees for outdoor wintering (1918) Franklin.pdf 169 The pyramidal bee-hive (1829) De Couedec.pdf 170 The Rearing of queen bees (1905) Phillips.pdf 171 The roller entrance bottom board which makes bee-keeping pleasant and profitable (1914) Schamtu.pdf 172 The Townsend bee book or, How to make a start in bees (1914) Townsend.pdf 173 The Truth About Sweet Clover (1910) Root 174 The goldeninsect : a handbook on beekeeping for beginners 175 The practical bee guide_ a manual of modern beekeeping (1921) Digges.pdf 176 Transferring bees to modern hives (1932) Sechrist.pdf 177 Transferring of bees(1930) Millen 178 Wax craft, all about beeswax (1908) Cowan.pdf 179 The Natural History of the Bee (1920) Anderson 180 Wintering Bees in Canada ((1920) Sladen Condition: New, Modified Item: No, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Custom Bundle: No, Bee Hive: Books, Queen Bee: Book, Honey: Extraction, Bee Keeping: Books, MPN: Does Not Apply, Brand: Bee Hive, Product Type: Bee keeping Hives honey, Non-Domestic Product: No

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