Kieferorthopädie Klemmpinzette Brackets Bandentfernungszange Drahtbiegezangen CE

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller dx-england (11.985) 100%, Location: Newcastle upon tyne, Ships to: Europe, Asia, US, CA, AU, Item: 264238536064 Product name : Medentra® Orthodontics Bracket Bonding Kit Please select the appropriate pliers from the drop-down menu. BRITISH BRAND -BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - SAVE £ 18 ON THIS DEAL ESTIMATED TIMES: Estimated Delivery Times instead of eBay as used in eBay's estimated times do not include transit time or processing time. Country's Customs Authorities or Time Country's Postal Services before the final delivery. So please choose Tracked Shipping from the postage options if you want to order via Tracked Shipping. Thank you for your cooperation. PRODUCT FEATURES-------------------------------- British Branded ProductsManufactured from High Quality Medical Grade Stainless SteelHigh Degree of Flexibility with Conducting the Procedures.Full Autoclavable / ReusableManufactured for Optimum Performance and LongevityHigh Degree of Aesthetic and Corrosion ResistanceProduct Conforms to ISO 9001, CE, ISO 13485, and other Quality Standards Open Policy for the product, please send us a message via eBay and let us know. We want to request you to simply return the product to us for a FULL REFUND. No Questions Asked. So we want to reimburse your postage costs. SHIPPING POLICY---------------------------All orders are normally dispatched to the same working day if ordered by 2 pm afternoon, or within 24 hours of the clearance of payment into our PayPal account. All our product listings are with Royal Mail Standard Postage Charge ( No International Tracking Available) and this is an effort to ensure that we could bring our products in easy reach of international customers by only charging a nominal value of the postage. Customers making multiple purchases, order will be sent via Recorded Delivery if they meet minimum Quantity of the products. Customers who would want us to send their orders via Recorded Delivery or by Courier, please let us know in advance by via eBay messaging system to arrange a revised invoice with the additional charge for Express Courier Delivery. All deliveries are subject to stock availability and payment confirmation into our PayPal. However, if there are any delays or issues, we will inform you of any such delay in our earliest possible, within 12-24 hours. Estimated Delivery Times:----------------------------------- Western Europe 9 - 15 Business DaysEastern Europe 12 - 18 Business DaysUSA, Canada, Asia, Australia 12 - 18 Business Days RETURN POLICY--------------------------- DX ENGLAND has an open policy to accept returns if for any reason, customers are not satisfied with the product supplied. Please simply message us via eBay and we guarantee to reply you within 24 Hours Response Time giving you a Seller Resolution in your best interest. We will either send you a replacement straight away or refund your full money paid for a return of the item. Unlike other sellers, we will also reimburse the postage money straight away If after the Lab Test, it is proved that our instrument had a manufacturing fault. No Questions Asked. Hence, your every penny means to us and is safe with us until you receive your order and is completely happy with that. In case if a customer has changed mind and do not want the item anymore, We are happy to accept the return. Please ensure that the item is in its original packaging, unused and in its new condition.. We will refund the full money paid. Example, If you have any problems with the delivery , if your order is getting delayed or if you are not happy with the item, please do not panic, and send us a message via eBay about your problem. You can send us a message via ebay and write us about your problem, whether it is about a delay in Delivery or the quality of the product, we guarantee to respond to you as quick as we can between 12-24 Hours and will resolve your issue to ensure your complete satisfaction with us. If you are a Dental Surgery, Dental Professional, Dental Institution, or a Dental Student and would like to speak to us about your proposed order, maximum discounts, etc. Nadelhalter für chirurgisches Nähen, Chirurgische Nähinstrumente, Mikrochirurgische, Kieferorthopädische Zangen, Kieferorthopädische Instrumente, Kieferorthopädie, Ortho Werkzeuge, Zahnzangen, Zahnärztliche Instrumente, Drahtbiegezangen, KFO Bogenbiegezange, Blechschneider, Zum Biegen von Ligaturendrähten, Labrierzangen, Schlaufenbiegezange , Schneidezangen,Ligaturen Draht Zahntechnik, Teleskopkronenzange Konuszange, Zahnarzt, young, Bird Beak, Weingart, Distal End, Bracketentfernungszange, Aderer zange Dreifingerzange, Universalzange, Orthodontische Klammer Entfernen Zange, POSTERIOREN BANDENTFERNUNGSZANGEN, Orthodontische Zange, Flachzange, Ligaturen Drahtschneide, Konturen zange, Bracket Entfernungszange, De La Rosa Konturenzange, Ligaturenschneider, Seitenschneider, Ligaturen Drahtschneider, instrumental para 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