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Petsafe Petporte Microchip Cat Flap Door Micro Chip - Stop Stray Cats - White

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Vendeur: exceedaboveall (65.681) 99.9%, Lieu où se trouve: Leicester, Leicestershire, Lieu de livraison: Europe, AU, Numéro de l'objet: 160541651740 Lock Mechanism: Microchip, Brand: Petporte, MPN: PPA20-12865, Item Sub-Type: Microchip, Les Détails: Use the drop down box at the top of the page to select the version you want Tunnels & Extension Leads in stock, if buying several items ask for a multi item quote with lowered postage, call us on low cost call 0845-4584543 or drop us an email at help@doggoodies.co.uk if you cannot find the answer you are looking for on this page. Key Features: No collar needed -No need to risk having your cat caught on its collar Operated by your cat's microchip - Reads your cat's existing microchip Helps keeps out unwanted cats - Strong door and locking mechanism Fits common glass and door cat flap openings - Easily fits common 17cm square openings or 21cm diameter holes Automatically detects light levels - With most road traffic accidents occurring at night, you have the option to keep your cat indoors during hours of darkness Optional battery backup - In the case of a power failure an optional PP3 backup battery ensures that the cat flap won't fail Vet mode allows you to keep your cat indoors - Sick cats can be kept in until fully recovered Optional audible beep on entry - Lets you know when your cats are home Improved weather-proofing - A magnetic latch and combined draught excluder helps keep the weather outside Two button operation -A simple interface to control the cat flap's features Programmable for up to 31 of your cats - REALLY cat mad? No problem! Intelligent memory system - Cat's microchips are remembered even after a power cut Works with UK & European 15 digit microchips - Including Bayer Tracer and most other major manufacturers. Low voltage power supply - No batteries to replace so your cat can always come back inside. Greater read-range and reliability. Better for the environment. Arrives with a UK plug so if purchasing from outside the UK you will need an adaptor. Technical Specifications: Exterior Dimensions/Overall Size: 232mm x 232mm x 49mm (width, height, thickness) Interior Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm x 49mm (width, height, thickness) Cut-out Size: 169mm x 169mm Glass Cut-out Size: 212mm diameter Porch Dimensions: 195mm x 37mm x 142mm Power Supply: 12V DC 1.2 Watts (UK plug) Approval: BS3535 / EN60742 Readable Microchips: FDX-B in accordance with ISO 11784 / 11785 Tunnel Extensions: One tunnel is already included with the flap which measures 55mm when used on its own or 40mm when clipped to another tunnel. We can supply additional tunnel extensions for when going through a thick wall or door, each one gives an extra 40mm and they just clip together to form one long section. If ordering without the Petporte these will be sent using Royal Mail 1st Class and not 24 Hour Courier. Power Cable Extensions: We can supply additional 5m cable extensions for when your power supply is further than 1.8m away from the flap. If ordering without the Petporte these will be sent using Royal Mail 1st Class and not 24 Hour Courier. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. What does this cat flap give us that other cat flaps do not? Unlike other cat flaps, the Pet Porte Smart Flap does not require your pet to wear an access device suspended from its collar, for example a magnet or infrared transmitter. The Pet Porte Smart Flap recognizes the normal microchip implanted under your pet's skin, thus allowing it entry; therefore it does not require the use of a collar or accessory. In addition, the Smart Flap has the facility of an optional automatic twilight lock-down that prevents pets from going outside once the light level starts to reduce. Statistically, most road traffic accidents and cat fights occur at night so, by using this facility, it will help to prevent your pet being injured. The scanner coil is housed in a unique canopy on the outside of the unit. This enables you cat to be detected and for the flap to be unlocked before it reaches it. The canopy also provides some weather proofing for the door and some protection for your cat when exiting. Another advantage of moving the scanner away from the door is that it is less likely to be affected by any metal within the materials of the door. There is often a metal security sheet within UPVC doors that could interfere with the scanning process but this is less likely with the Smart Flap because the scanner coil is suspended away from the door. No cover is required on the underside of the canopy to enclose the scanner coil. 2. Does my pet have to be microchipped for the Pet Porte Smart Flap to work? Yes. Your pet must be microchipped for the Pet Porte cat flap to be able to recognize each individual animal. The Pet Porte will not allow any microchipped animal access, only those that have been programmed in. 3. How can I tell if my pet's microchip will work with the cat flap? The Pet Porte cat flap will read fifteen-digit microchips; these are the microchips that are used in the UK and throughout Europe. It will not read the ten-digit American microchips. If you would like to ensure that your pet's number will work call us on 0800 107 7202 so we can check your microchip number. Please note that your microchip number cannot start with (98514) or (977) or contain the digits (77) in the 5th and 6th digit location. Not compatible with AVID chips & some Identichips. 4. Does it matter where my pet is microchipped? There are international conventions indicating where different species should be microchipped. Dogs and cats should be microchipped in the scruff of their necks. As your pet then attempts to access the Pet Porte, its microchip passes under the scanner housed within the porch, allowing the chip to be recognized. 5. Can the implanting of a microchip harm my pet? Microchipping has no known harmful effects in dogs. In cats there is a theoretical risk associated with any injection. Statistics show that 1 in 10,000 cats that have an injection are at risk of developing an injection-site tumour. However, this is very rare and is certainly no reason to stop vaccinating or microchipping your cat because, generally, the risks are outweighed by the protection that is provided. 6. Do we have to send you the microchip number? No, you do not need to send us your pet's microchip number. You should check that the Pet Porte can detect your cat's microchip before fitting it to your door or wall. Simply assemble the Pet Porte as instructed and plug it in. Then press the green paw button for ten seconds before passing the scanner over your cat at the distance that your cat will approach the cat flap when fitted. Once detected your cat will have been programmed in. For each animal that is to use the cat flap, repeat the procedure. It's that simple! 7. My cat already has a collar - does this matter? No, for the Pet Porte cat flap it does not matter if your pet wears a collar or not; it is the under-skin microchip that is recognized and not the collar. Whilst Pet Porte Limited advertises that no collar is needed, we do not suggest that pets should not wear a collar. There are many instances where a collar is desirable, for example high-visibility collars, special-diet instruction collars to name but a few. However, we do recommend that any collar worn should be of the breakaway variety in order to prevent injury to your pet. 8. Does the original Pet Porte cat flap work on batteries? The Door Mounted versions can be powered by batteries rather than low voltage power supply. For operation of all functions and the quickest response to your cat we recommend you use the low voltage power supply because the unit is scanning constantly. This can be backed up with battery power and in the event of a power cut the basic functions of the Smart Flap will be retained. 9. What functions work with the Smart Flap on battery only mode? If you want to power your Smart Flap by battery alone some of the functions will not be possible. In particular night mode will no longer function due to the nature of constantly monitoring light levels. The response time to your cat will be a little extended because it has to push against the flap to activate the scanner which in turn means the Smart Flap cannot run on batteries if fitted to a wall as your pet will have passed the scanner before it pushes the flap to activate it. 10. What type of battery does the Smart Flap require? The Smart Flap requires a PP3 9V battery similar to those found in most home smoke alarms. To get the best continual use out of the battery we recommend the use of a Lithium based battery, as these offer far superior battery life. 11. How do I fit / change the battery in the Smart Flap? To access the battery compartment use a "slot ended" or straight screw driver to gently lift the battery cover plate with the writing "Pet Porte Smart Flap" above the opening on the indoor section of the unit. 12. How long will the battery last for? Under normal circumstances and operation the battery should last 6 months but this will vary depending on the traffic through the flap! When the battery power levels are low and the battery needs replacing the green light will illuminate and the red light will flash intermittently. 13. What if I wish to run the Smart Flap on low voltage power and my nearest power socket is too far away? The Pet Porte cat flap comes with a 1.8-metre power lead which is often sufficient to reach the nearest power socket. If, however, your power socket is further away, then we do sell 5-metre extension leads which are compatible with the cat flap. 14. What happens if there is a power cut? The basic programmed functions of your Smart Flap will continue to operate during a power cut if you have fitted a battery into the unit. The response time to your cat will be slightly extended because the cat has to activate the scanner by pushing on the door. 15. If there is a power cut, do I have to re-program in all my pets again? No, once your pets have been programmed in, you will not need to repeat the procedure, even in the event of a power failure. 16. Is the Pet Porte weather-resistant? The Smart Flap has been designed and constructed to resist the adverse effects of weather. To clean your Pet Porte simply wipe the unit with a damp cloth, please do not power wash the unit. (Please ensure that you do not use too much water on the damp cloth!) 17. Can the Pet Porte be fitted into glass doors and double-glazed units? To simplify the fitting of the Smart Flap into windows, double or single glazed, it has been designed to fit into a circular cut out of 212mm diameter. The installation would need to be done by a qualified tradesman who has the equipment to cut holes in glass. 18. Can the cat flap be fitted into solid and cavity walls? Yes, but you must use a "wall model" which has a longer wire between the indoor and outdoor sections, the door versions have about 12cms of wire, whereas the wall-mounted models have about 38cm of wire. We do not provide wall fixing screws because the type needed will vary greatly depending on the wall construction. Various fixing types are available depending on the wall's construction: chemifix bolts and nuts, screws fixed into inter-set or plastic rawl plugs, nylon self drill or polytoggle. An opening must be formed in the wall at the appropriate height for your cat to be scanned, based on the rectangular template provided. The opening should be formed by a qualified builder avoiding utility supplies and not damaging the integrity of buildings damp proof courses. The principle difference between fitting the Smart Flap through a wall and a door is the method of fixing the indoor and outdoor sections to the walls. To fix the indoor section to the wall utilize the four 5mm diameter holes in the corners of the interior section that are accessible with the front cover removed. To fix the outdoor section to the wall utilize the two 6mm diameter holes in the sides of the exterior frame that support the canopy The Smart Flap comes with a single tunnel section that provides 52mm length. Extra tunnel extensions can be purchased each providing 40mm additional length. These are not provided with wall models because wall thicknesses vary and some people prefer to form their own tunnels using marine grade plywood. Some people choose to dispense with the canopy and place the scanner coil on top of a tunnel liner by creating an additional space within the wall void to accommodate it. 19. What do I need to fit the Pet Porte cat flap? The Smart Flap is designed to be fitted to a door up to 52mm thick. Larger thicknesses can be accommodated by using extension tunnels or a suitable liner. The hole for the Smart Flap cat flap needs to be square of 168mm by 168mm or a circle of 212mm diameter. We suggest that the hole should be towards the bottom of the door in order to make it easier for your pet to enter and exit. Ideally, there needs to be an electrical socket within 1.8 meters of the cat flap but we can supply extension leads if required. The cat flap should be installed by someone who is competent with a saw (a jigsaw ideally) and, of course, the obligatory screwdriver! 20. If an intruding cat is also microchipped, will it be allowed access? No, only your pets that are microchipped and programmed into the cat flap will be allowed access. 21. Can the Pet Porte allow some of my pets into my home but keep others out? Yes, simply do not program in the animals that you do not want to enter your home; they will then not be recognized by the cat flap and, consequently, they will be locked out. 22. If I have several cats, how many can I program into the Pet Porte unit? You can program the cat flap with up to thirty one pets. 23. How long after programming in one cat can we program in another cat? Once the unit has been programmed with one cat, you can immediately repeat the procedure with another pet. 24. How much time does my pet have to enter once the Pet Porte has recognized it? Because the Pet Porte unit scans constantly for microchips, your pet will be recognized once it moves beneath the porch. The cat flap will then unlock the door and keep it open for four seconds after your pet has left the area beneath the porch. After that time the door will be locked again. 25. Can I control my cats going out through the cat flap as well as controlling them coming in? The Smart Flap has a "night mode" operation that can keep all your cats in during the hours of darkness. You can select to enable or exit this function and the light intensity at which it is enabled can be adjusted. In the near future a selective exit kit will be released. This optional extra enables you to control which of your cats are allowed outside and at what time of day! 26. Can I adjust the time it takes for the cat flap to lock after my cat has entered to try and stop aggressors following my cat in? The time that the lock is open once your cat has been detected is set at a default of 4s. However this can be adjusted to suite your cat and its circumstances. The open time can be adjusted from 1 to 26s. The longer time is ideal for older cats who move slowly and the shorter time is ideal for cats who are being followed in through the flap by an uninvited intruder. What we call "truck and trailer"! 27. Can I lock the cat flap to keep my animals inside so that I can take them to the vet? Yes, just simply press the red paw button for five seconds and the cat flap will lock to prevent any animal from going out. We call this "Vet Mode". 28. Can I disable the night mode to allow my cats to go in and out freely at any time? Yes, this feature is optional and can be turned on or off by simply pressing the red paw button for one second. 29. Can I adjust the level of light it takes for my cat flap to lock and unlock when in night mode? Yes, this operation needs to be carried out in the morning (sorry if it's in the summer!) when the light is enough that you want your cat to go outside. 30. Can I hold the flap open with string? Some people hold their cat flap open with string to allow their cats to move without restriction through the cat flap. If the cat flap is always open then the Pet Porte unit will not be able to offer restricted access to your pets only. However, this is useful to train your cat to use the cat flap. 31. What if the Pet Porte can't recognize my pet's microchip? This could occur for two reasons: the microchip could have migrated beyond the scanning range of the Pet Porte cat flap or the microchip could have failed / is of the wrong type (please see question 3 for checking which types will work). The easiest way in which to check exactly where a microchip is located in your pet, or to check if it is working at all, is to take your pet to your local veterinary surgery where the animal can be scanned with their reader. If the microchip has failed, or is not present, then you can ask your vet to insert a new one. Microchip migration and failure is relatively rare with modern microchips as they are specifically designed to be reliable and are coated with a sticky substance to minimize migration. However, ask your vet for more information on this subject. Before you fit the cat flap to your door, we recommend that you test the cat flap out with your cat to ensure that the unit can read your pet's microchip correctly. When doing this, the easiest method is to hold the cat flap upside down and move the top of the porch over the cats back until the unit reads the microchip. When scanning the cat please do NOT hold the porch itself or touch the wires leading from the porch as this will reduce the read-range of the unit to a point where it may no longer read the microchip. Also, when fitting the cat flap to your door, please note that it is important to position the cat flap as low as possible on the door in order to minimize the distance between the porch and your pet's microchip. 32. Does the Pet Porte have to be fitted to an external door? No, the Pet Porte unit can easily be fitted to a pet crate or an internal door to control access to the area within. This can be very useful in a multiple-pet household where one or two individual animals are on special or prescription foods. This system has many possible uses, creating special enclaves within a home for certain individual animals, be they nursing mothers or just older pets that need some freedom from young whippersnappers! 33. How do I train my cat to use my Pet Porte? All selective entry cat flaps have a locking mechanism that is activated or inactivated depending if the cat attempting to enter is authorized or not. This lock action is likely to make a noise that could "scare" some cats so, to start with we recommend that this is inactivated. In the case of Pet Porte cat flaps there is an audible "beep" that would need to be inactivated as well as the locks. To inactivate the locks you need to set the cat flap in "open mode" and then de-activate the beep ("silent mode") as indicated in the User Guide. Next you need to physically hold the flap open. This is most simply achieved by pushing the flap in, using electrical tape to secure string to it then attaching the string to the door handle. This will keep the flap open and provide the simplest of routes into the house. Unfortunately it will allow every other neighbour-hood cat in to your house but this is no worse than having the flap swing freely. From the cats point of view the action of pushing the flap open may be an issue. This is often the case where a "sensitive" cat has previously attempted to gain access through a flap unsuccessfully. It is difficult to say why but they seem to be keen not to "humiliate" themselves by repeating what was an unsuccessful effort. Once your cat has been through a few times you can start to lengthen the string so the flap is still open but they have to lift it a little as they walk through it. If this is successful lengthen the string further so they have to lift the flap a little further. This will give your cat the sensation of pressure from the flap resting on their neck, back and tail as your cat passes through the opening. The Pet Porte Smart Flap canopy on the outside will help to prevent rain from entering the open aperture! One your cat is at ease with using the cat flap you can stage the introduction of the locking mechanism by turning off open mode (simply repeat the steps to put the Pet Porte Smart Flap in to open mode) and finally the audible beep (again by repeating the process used to de-activate it in the first instance). Another feature of the Pet Porte flaps that encourages cats to use them is their crystal clear transparency. This allows the cats to check the area the other side of the flap before they pass through it. This reassures the cat because it can check to see if there are unfriendly cats the other side of the flap before passing through the door. * * * * * * * * Royal Mail (UK Post) – Although most items arrive in 2-3 days please be aware that our long term mail order experience tells us that Royal Mail post can take up to 3 weeks to arrive in some cases. Occasionally Royal Mail do make mistakes and send parcels down the wrong postal channels, they then need to allow time for the item to come back to the correct destination. Some people think Royal Mail post always arrives in a few days and Royal Mail & Ebay do suggest this but a percentage of packages are in the postal system for longer. We send 100's of packages out EVERYDAY and a delivery time of 10-14 days is not uncommon. For this reason Royal Mail will not undertake any claims for late or missing post until 15 working days (including Saturdays) has expired. So by choosing Royal Mail you are agreeing to allow Royal Mail the time they require to deliver the order. Please do NOT order items via Royal Mail if you need them urgently. If your order has not arrived within a week please do get in touch so we can start an investigation. If the item cannot be located we will only be able to send replacements once the 15 working days has passed. A link to the Royal Mail website below will verify their terms with regard to delays and lost post. http://www.royalmail.com/customer-service/personal-customers/refunds-and-compensation/claims-process Courier service (UK) "Other 24 Hour Courier” postage method will be shipped with Interlink or Parcelforce, delivery is next working day from date of dispatch (weekdays only) but please bear in mind that if you order after midday or at the weekend your order will not go out until the next working day. Deliveries to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight & all Offshore locations are not next day or part of the get it fast agreement, orders received from these locations will be sent on a slower service with Royal Mail or a courier. International Post Items posted using Royal Mail normally arrive in 5-10 days to most locations but they can take up to 25 working days arrive in some cases. If you select this service you are agreeing to allow Royal Mail the time they need to deliver, we cannot resend a lost item until the 25 working days have passed. Items sent using International Signed For can sometimes be traced along the route so if your item hasn't arrived in around 10 days please do get in touch so we can start an investigation. International Couriers Items posted using International couriers are traceable at all steps of the journey so if the item hasn't arrived within a week please do get in touch so we can track it. If you are off-shore or considered as living in a remote location please get in touch for a postage quote before ordering. * * * * * * * * PAYMENT INFORMATION PRICE PROMISE!! YOU CANNOT BUY CHEAPER, IF YOU CAN TELL US!!** Price beating offer applies to exact match, same model & UK spec/supplyWe accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Postal Orders, Cheques, Bankers Drafts or Bank Transfers.We open weekdays 9-5pm (except bank holidays) Tel 0845-4584543 International 0044 84545 84543Pay by Debit Card for further discounts, call for info. * * * * * * * * CONTACT DETAILS We open weekdays 9-5pm (except bank holidays) Tel 0845-4584543 International 0044 84545 84543or email us at dogcare@live.co.uk * * * * * * * * Why buy from Dog Goodies? 1. QUALITY PRODUCTS. All tried/tested! If they do not pass our tests, we do not sell them! New product samples are tested in our dog training centre to eliminate the products with poor performance such as the cheap sonic/bleep collars which Ebay is flooded with at present.2. WARRANTY. Our products have full warranties 3. ADVICE. Our friendly staff will advise you on the product to suit your needs4. AFTER SALES SERVICE. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff can help with any queries5. FAST INSURED DELIVERY. Orders are picked and dispatched within 1 working day6. REFUND POLICY. If the product that arrives is not what you imagined simply send it back within 14 days in the original packing & receive an item price refund. BEWARE OF STOLEN PRODUCTS, DON'T LOSE YOUR MONEY & GOODS, ASK THE SELLER IF THEY GIVE A RECEIPT AS WARRANTY COVER!!

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